Standard bailiff charges and fees for business rates

If you receive a first letter from a bailiff company you will have to pay £75.00 on top of your business rates debt.  If you fail to make an arrangement in time or do not start a business rates appeal or pay the full balance, the bailiff can add further fee charges at this second stage of enforcement. 

You will then have to pay £235.00 plus 7.5% over any debt amount of £1500.  For example, if you owed £2000 in business rates, and you are at second stage enforcement, the fees would be £75 + £235 + 7.5% of £500 (£37.50) totaling £347.50. 


As you can see these bailiff fees significantly increases your original debt to the council.  Any business owner unfortunate enough to have their goods removed will have to pay considerable costs for a van and storage until the goods are sold at auction. 

These bailiff fees are then taken off the sale of goods leaving whatever remains being paid off the original debt.  If any debt remains after the sale at auction you will still be liable for it unless you engage in the process of a business rates appeal.

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