Our unique and popular business rate service allows you time to focus on your other business requirements. We take over your business rate account and get to work resolving the problem. Our expert will contact your council and any bailiff enforcement agents who may be pursuing you for business rates. A request for a hold on enforcement if applicable is submitted whilst your council considers our repayment arrangement. For our service we charge a one off case fee and nothing else. Business Rate Advisors does not charge any commissions or percentages on any business rate refunds you acquire. 

Are you stuck with a complex or simple business rate dispute

Our company receives a lot of enquiries from business owners who have difficulties with a council because of complex or simple business rate disputes. Due to our vast knowledge about business rates and our experiences dealing with different councils across the UK, we can provide you with the very best in business rates advice. If you want us to act as your representative then we can take over your business rate account and start resolving the issues. This then frees up all your time on more important aspects of your business. 

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