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What is a Business Rate Liability Order

A liability order is a monetary charge against a person or company that owes business rates to a council. Liability orders are produced in a Magistrates court. Most council Magistrate courts consist of a single room, hired by the council with a sitting judge who determines who is liable to pay business rates. If you are made liable by the Magistrate court, you must pay the outstanding business rates. However you may not be factually liable, even though the council claims that you are. Therefore you must prove that you are not liable.

Do you have one or more Liability Orders charged against you


Having a liability order charged against you incorrectly can be very frustrating, stressful and costly. You have probably spent some of your time speaking with the council to prove that you are not fully or partly liable. The council has probably advised you that you are fully liable to pay business rates and that you should have attended the Magistrates court


How do you prove that you are not liable to pay business rates if the council refuse to listen 

In order to prove you are not liable for business rates, you need to employ an expert business rate representative from Business Rate Advisors. We can provide you with an expert business rate liability order consultant. Our Expert will take over your business rate account, and factually challenge the council in order to correct the liability charged against you or your company. You may need our expert to prove the occupier is liable to pay the business rates. With sub leases and under leases, occupancy and liability can be a frustrating problem for business rate paying businesses. We resolve the problems.

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