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We can help you deal with business rate bailiffs. If you have received a letter of demand, give us a call and we can organise taking over. The great thing about our service is that we actually do take over rather than pretend to. We get in touch with your council and the bailiff firm and organise repayment terms or resolve your disputes, so that you can get on with your business and life worry free. 

Bailiff complaints.

Do you have a legitimate complaint against a bailiff agent or agency? Many business owners who have received a visit from a bailiff agent feel aggrieved by it for some reason or another. You could download a bailiff complaint letter template from a number of websites offering to help with bailiffs. In reality though bailiff complaints are difficult to see through to the end. Writing your own bailiff letter may be more effective than using a template.


Check to see if you have been overcharged bailiff fees.

Visit the taking control of goods page here.


If you are have complaint against the bailiff or agency that employs them, we can take up your complaint and get you a resolution. We take a no nonsense approach. 

Contact us on 01225667747 for our expert help today. 

We Can Negotiate Repayment of ANY Jacobs Business Rate Demand 

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"Steve's done a terrific job sorting my issues. Nothing was ever an issue for him. I Would recommend this company to my friends and family in a heart beat. 10/10 for service"

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