Here at Business Rate Advisors Ltd I not only highly recommend using Kashflow as your accounting software, we also use it ourselves of course.  


As many small and medium size business owners know only too well, the accounts can be off putting when running the business due to the complexity of using software that is difficult to use and manage.  


When using Kashflow you will be amazed at its simplicity and powerful features, it actually makes the accounts almost fun to do. Hard to believe, try it for 14 days with our free trial link.  

Kashflow 2 weeks free - get yours

We also highly recommend switching to bulb electric and gas suppliers for both commercial and domestic usage because you will likely save yourself a lot of money compared with the other big name suppliers.


As many small and medium size business owners know only too well fuel bills can be crazy high when running the business depending on what kind of business you run. We hope you like our recommendations and see the logical sense in saving decent money and using software that is easy but effective for the business accounts. 

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