5 things to remember when visited by a #Bailiff for Business Rates Collection!#

August 10, 2015


Here is a run down of what to remember when being visited by a bailiff for the collection of business rates owed to a council, from Business Rate Advisors Ltd www.businessratehelp.co.uk


1:  Ask for identification to assert the bailiff is in fact a certified bailiff.  If they do not, refuse to speak with them and call the council authority concerned.  If in doubt, call your local police office.


2:  The bailiff agent will likely tell you straight away how much is owed to the council.  Ask for a breakdown of the bailiff fees so you fully understand them.  This tells the bailiff agent you are not going to overlook anything in the process.


3:  Be respectful to the bailiff agent, refraining from anger or animosity.  Remain calm even if the bailiff agent is aggressive and keep a mental note of the what the bailiff is saying to you.  This will help later on if you need to make a complaint.  


4:  Provide a profit and loss sheet to the bailiff agent and prove your financial affordability.  If you have any items on lease then inform the bailiff of this regardless if they state they remove them, they wont in almost all cases.  Remain calm.


5:  If you are unhappy with any of the bailiffs conduct, explain to the agent that you will making a formal complaint and seeking outside help to assist in this matter as you were not happy with the way you were treated.  The bailiff agent will realise you are serious and will likely act more careful and will likely leave your premises quickly.


Remember, get solid professional advice for free at Business Rate Advisors Ltd www.businessratehelp.co.uk and become clued up on your rights and what to do! 5 things - essencial business needs!



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