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October 19, 2016


Business Rate Advisors are a specialist consultancy company that successfully helps business owners deal with their business rate accounts.


We can stop bailiffs visiting our client’s business premises as well as successfully negotiating affordable payment plans directly with their council or appointed bailiffs for our client’s.

We also resolve billing disputes our clients have with councils and their agents.


As a result of our success with business rates we now assist our clients with problems they have had with their utility and business suppliers negotiating payment terms or disputing the billing.

In our most recent case we challenged Water billing of our client’s hotel which quickly resulted in an apology and refund of over £5500 from the Water Company.


Another client was charged £3500 in enforcement bailiff fees on a large debt he owed to his council. We challenged the council on the legality of those fees and the council returned the money in full to our client within a few days.


We saved one of our clients over £37,000 in business rates costs and successfully stopped all enforcement action by taking over the account and challenging the council’s authority and processes.


Our most recent Scottish case was successful in that the council wrote off over £17,500 in business rates which effectively saved our client from bankruptcy.


Business Rate Advisor prides itself in successfully negotiating hundreds of affordable payment plans for business owners who are in arrears with their business rate account and we encourage business owners to get in touch with us should they require this service’s easily challenge councils appointed bailiffs and solicitors due to our experiences in dealing with over 200 councils across the country.


Our results speak for themselves and we encourage business owners to get in touch with us should they require our service.



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Business rate debt help in Nottingham, London, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and all the big cities with the UK. All business rate debt help advice is free so call us 01225 667747 or email help@businessrateadvisors.co.uk