To formally complain, or not to formally complain, that is the question ?

September 7, 2017


To formally complain, or not to formally complain, that is the question ?Its amazing the power of a formal complaint, ive really got to like them over the years. Why? Because they work!

Submitting a formal complaint by email to your council is always a good idea if you find that your business rate case is being ignored or undermined. Its a powerful tool to enlighten the council that you are serious about what you are telling them.

The council have to investigate your complaint, but if they do not uphold it, you can immediately reject their response and raise the complaint to stage 2. If the council again refuse to uphold your complaint, you can take your case to stage 3 with the Local Government Ombudsman, who will decide on the outcome of your complaint independently from the council.

Here are 3 Business Rate Advisors tips on making a complaint with your council for business rates!

1. Dont phone your council with your complaint, email them! By doing this you can avoid any misrepresentations or denials.

2. Bullet point your complaint details so that each part is clear and easy to understand by the reader. This way the responder can address all your points raised without any confusion.

3. Use accurate dates and times as much as possible. The council have records of their own so you will want to be factually accurate.

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