Do you owe business rates to Manchester City Council? 3 effective ways on how to deal with their recovery department!

September 16, 2017

If you owe money to Manchester City council for business rates, you probably know what a jarring headache it can sometimes be dealing with their recovery department. Being fobbed off with statements like "you have to deal with the bailiff, its out of our hands" or "you have to pay the whole amount as you lost your right to a payment arrangement", so here are 3 effective ways to deal with them.


1. If you are told to deal with Manchester councils appointed bailiff firm and not the council (creditor) for money owed on business rates, submit a formal complaint to Manchester council by email immediately to their business rate section clearly stating "formal complaint" in the subject line with your council reference number. Within your formal complaint, request the amount you wish to pay and the reasons why the business is struggling to pay it. Request their appointed bailiffs be placed on hold whilst they consider your offer. Phone them every day asking for a response to your formal complaint. Formal complaints have to be investigated, so always make it a formal complaint. If you are not satisfied with their response, request that it be raised to stage 2 complaint. 


2. If Manchester council tell you that you need to pay more business rates than you can afford to pay in real terms, refer them to the Ministry of Justice taking control of goods national standards point 8 which says "Creditors should act proportionately when seeking to recover debt, taking into account debtors’ circumstances". Point out your circumstances. If they still refuse, submit a formal complaint referring the council to point 8 of the MOJ guidelines. If you are not satisfied with their response, request that it be raised to stage 2 complaint. 


3. If 1 and 2 are not for you then contact Business Rate Advisors on 01225667747 or email us the details. Sign up and we can take over your business rate account and we will deal with their business rate department for you. Its quick and effective and we could save you thousands and a whole lot of stress. Here is a link so you can download the PDF guidelines Ministry of Justice taking control of goods national standards, very useful document. 













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