Turning the wheel on Manchester council business rates enforcement ideology

October 20, 2017

A couple of years ago it was really easy dealing with Manchester council business rate section, relatively friendly staff and a reasonable collection policy on business rates debt, they were fair. Good for them and good for the business folk of Manchester right. Not anymore! As an experienced business rate consultant who has dealt with hundreds of councils across the country, it has been shocking just how ruthless Manchester council business rate department has become. It seems that even if one is a victim of the recent terror attacks, they don't care one bit. No matter how much you invest in a leased property, £100,000 £200,000 or £300,000, if Manchester council feel like closing you down over a small business rate debt, gosh they will. This council is so disproportionate and cold hearted I felt the need to write this post. The message from this council is that if you want to invest your money into running a business in Manchester, and you fall into business rate arrears, they don't care if they close your business down, change your locks to your premises and make you and your staff unemployed. This is how they operate in some cases and even the top chief agrees with their own ruthless practices. Its clear the ones who spend our money at this council are the type that never actually run businesses or even have a clue about business, they just ruin peoples lives without a care in the world. Honestly, take my advice, think twice or ten times before setting up in Manchester, as this council is a terrible example of how not to do things. Save yourself the hassle, stress and money, and set up somewhere else. Yes Manchester council you really are a shocking example of the worst of the worst of councils, so well done on winning that award.


On a much more positive note, if you do get problems with this sad council, get in touch with us and we will take up your case and help you get justice or even just a payment plan.








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