Yawn, burp, business rates, coffee, yawn, where's the late night brandy

Im tired, but the business rate cases are wide awake, as im sat here late into the evening, sending out the cases. To be honest with you im not that tired, im more in a trance like state staring at the words, but it is rather late, so feel sorry for me boo hoo. Only joking, i love business rate cases, im even thinking of changing my name to Steve Business Rate Adams, what ya think. Who cares what i think, but you might be interested to know that Business Rate Advisors can honestly get you out the sh#t if you owe business rates, if your council wont throw you any leeway. Whether it be a payment plan, stopping bailiffs, or just a chat about the weather, you can always count on Steve Business Rate Adams to be there when you need him, saving lives across the nation. Yes its true i am a hero, and an egotistical one at that, but only when no one is looking. 


If the council are beating you up with business rate demands, better talk to Steveeeeeeeeeeeeeee !



Good Night 

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