Equita bailiffs in Birmingham doing the business rate rounds !

November 7, 2017


Being visited by a Equita bailiff in Birmingham can be a pretty intimidating experience, especially in the collection of business rates with them turning up, unannounced at your business premises. Usually the first thing they do is demand full payment, but you are entitled to pay by instalments, regardless of what they say. Of course gaining a payment arrangement by an Equita bailiff can be very difficult, for they will tell you quite often that you have to pay in full, but stand your ground, and demand one. If your experiencing financial difficulties then explain to them that you can only afford so much per month or weekly, show them your accounts if need be. Their duty is to inform the creditor (council) what ability you do have to repay, but if they are not willing to do so, ring up the creditor yourself there and then and explain it. If the creditor is unwilling to offer repayment terms then you will likely need some external help. 


If you have been visited by an Equita bailiff in Birmingham, or anywhere else for that matter, we can help you gain an affordable payment arrangement.


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