Court summons for business we detect a scam going on here....?

November 16, 2017



Over the past two years we have been monitoring the amount of times new clients claim to have not received a court summons, for non payment of business rates, from their council. Our records show that in 8 out of 10 cases, the rate payer did not gain this vital notification, which led to huge extra costs on them, and extra money for the hard pressed council. Mmmmmm.


Lets look at the councils practical side of things. They print their own summons letters, so that is helpful. They then frank and post the summons letter to the debtor. The debtor gets the summons invite. The debtor saves a lot of money and hassle by attending court. 


But lets say the council did not post the summons letter and the debtor was unaware of the opportunity to resolve the matter at court! What happens then? Well the debtor incurs a court fine, the debt is passed onto the councils appointed bailiff company. The debtor has to pay enforcement fees and the council end up getting their money quicker. 


Its all a rather callous process. How do you prove that the council actually did post you the summons? And the answer is you cannot prove they posted it, as without recorded delivery, there is no proof at all. 


The solution of course is to have all summons letters sent by recorded delivery, but they wont do that because it would lose the council a whole heap of money. 


We are challenging councils regarding this topic and we can help you do the same.


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