Some information on the steps councils take if you fail to pay your business rates

February 22, 2018




Are you aware of the steps taken by council’s if you do not pay your business rates?

The process is as follows:

  • Reminder letter

  • Final Notice – this letter asking for full amount to be paid within 7 days.

  • Court Summons – this is if payment is not received after 7 days and a summons will be issued and you will have to show at a designated magistrates court.

  • Further steps – council will ask at the court to issue a liability order. This will enable the council to take further steps to get the money back.

If you receive an enforcement letter, you have two choices:

  • Contact the enforcement agent to agree a payment plan

  • Contact Business Rate Advisors Ltd for help and advice




What will happen if my debt is passed to enforcement agents?


If your business rate debts are passed to enforcement agents, first you will receive a fixed fee of £75.00 – this is for issuing a letter to you. This letter will give you at least 7 days notice of the bailiff next visiting your property. Then, after visiting your property, the agent will send further fees of £235.00 plus additional 7.5% for any balance over £1,500.00.

Remember that bailiffs can only take goods which belongs to your business (if you are Limited Company). If the company is private, bailiffs can extend it to home visits.

Bailiffs will attend your property or home to take control of goods, other than those required to meet your basic needs, for example clothing, bedding etc.

Bailiffs may enter or re-enter premises on any day of the week after 6 am and before 9 pm.




Did Equita bailiffs visit you because you did not pay your business rates?

This is always followed by stress and anxiety. Before you ask Business Rate Advisors for help, remember to follow a few rules:

  • Do not let the bailiffs in the house – you are not obliged to let anyone into your house.

  • Do not sign anything without consulting Business Rate Advisors, as it can put your goods at risk.


Get in touch with Business Rate Advisors Ltd as we can




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When you feel that the business rate problems are out of control, perhaps overloaded with information and complex paperwork, let Business Rate Advisors help you. We will provide you with information and advice that you need.






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