BAILIFFS AND A BODY-CAM – the future of enforcement

April 5, 2018


Body worn videos (BWV’s) are becoming more and more popular in the enforcement industry. Is it a good idea?


Unfortunately, sometimes bailiffs are cheating the system. 

Many bailiffs use the fact that ordinary people do not know the law.

There is the potential for a large level of corruption.


Searching the internet, I have found a very interesting article saying that a BBC reporter, Jim Wheble, for period of nine months, worked undercover for two of Britain’s largest bailiff companies. The report he made after, was quite shocking.


He was surprised seeing how people are cheated and threatened by bailiffs who are supposed to be official court representatives.


Of course, it is obvious that people should pay their debts, but when he saw debts were doubled or even tripled after bailiffs visit or that bailiffs make people pay debs they didn’t even owe – he blew the whistle so to speak. 


How the bailiff did it? One of the methods was to double or triple the debt owed, then offer the tenants a £100 discount as if doing so out of the kindness of his heart. This cheating method ‘earned’ the bailiff between £3000-£4000 a month.


People are not always aware that they should ask for a enforcement fee breakdown so that they can check that they are not being ripped-off.


So why is a body-cam on bailiffs a good idea?


Enforcement agents, knowing that their actions are being recorded and reviewed, are left with no option but follow the rules.


Hopefully this practice will become an everyday reality in the enforcement world.


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