May 10, 2018



Cornwall, beautiful Cornwall, a land with Celtic ruins, light blue waters, picturesque villages, land of Cornish pasties, mines, events and festivals, is definitely the most scenic area of England. Minack Theatre, St Michael’s Mount,  Land’s End, St. Ives, the list of things worth seeing is endless.


Let’s see how business rates and other expenses have affected this beautiful part of the country. Let’s have a virtual drive to Penzance. Market Jew Street with its proliferation of charity shops and empty outlets. That is another picture showing high street retailer’s struggle today.


According to the information found on the internet, “St Ives MP, Derek Thomas, told the House of Commons that a number of businesses in his constituency were facing 'extreme hardship' thanks to business rate increases.”


He said: "I have a number of businesses in the constituency of St Ives that I represent which face extreme hardship because of business rates increased in recent years. And this has become a burden too great for them to bear."


Oliver Hawker, who runs a photography shop in Penzance, has been left frustrated and disillusioned with the changing nature of his town and other places across Cornwall that are experiencing similar changes connected to business rates.


A well-known Cornish artisan baker company is closing one of its stores after 11 years because the shop is not as busy as other stores and fees are too high to make profit.


Cornwall Council was talking about reducing business rates for big businesses but what that will mean is even less money being collected by Cornwall Council to fund public services. 


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