Be careful about RVA Surveyors Ltd for business rates?

July 13, 2018

This business rating company has over 70 one-star customer reviews listed on Google. It really pays to read any business reviews before signing up on a contract. The most recent one says;
(Published 05 May 2018)
This company is a scam!!!
They will only approach you if they know they can make money of you by making you sign up 5 years contract for something you don’t need and will fine you in a future.
Be advised and hope someone closes them down!!!!!

(Published 04 June 2018)


Do not go for this company!!!

They are scamming people out of money. This happened to us, I have been advised by my local mp that everyone should bring this to the attention of their local mps so they can deal with this on a national platform. Report them to your local MP & watchdog

RVA are based in Manchester and they offer “help” with business rates. But what they really do is – they offer business rates relief. Then they will pressure you to sign up for long-term relief on your business rates (even if that can happen without any cost for you. You just need to send a letter to your Council asking for relief). They rob you from 45% percent of your relief!! Plus VAT of course.


As you can see these kind of reviews say it all about what type of company or people you are dealing with. 


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