Sunderland football club and the business rates

August 5, 2018

We are still full of memories from the World Cup Russia 2018. This was the most watched broadcast in countries across the globe.


But yes, this is a blog about business rates. What is it to do with the football you might ask?


Well, Sunderland Football Club is probably the first club which started to fight for fairness regarding business rates.


Club’s owners are saying that the amount of business rates the club is paying could slow down or stop their promotion bid next season.


According to the information found online, Sunderland paid more than twice as much as Newcastle United football club. 


As we know from previous blog posts, Valuation Office Agency values properties for the purpose of Council Tax and for non-domestic rates in England and Wales. The previous valuation took place in 2015. The next one will be in 2021.


The valuation in 2015 was when the football club had a turnover around £123 million, but then they dropped from Premier League to League One, and turnover was around £17 million. That is a huge difference. This is not proportional, as turnover dropped drastically, but business rates will stay high until the next valuation in 2021.



"It is time for the club to start fighting for what is fair and a lot of time over the last two months has been taken up with talks with various stakeholders in the club and other interested parties with a view to starting that process. We are very happy to pay our way and pay our share, but the amounts we pay must be fair.” Said Sunderland’s owner.


Surprisingly, Sunderland are not the first club to challenge the rateable value.


Wigan Athletic challenged it couple of times before.



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