16 Things You Don't Want to Hear About Business Rates !

August 28, 2018


1. If you miss just one of the monthly business rate payments which are spread out over ten months, you have to pay all the remaining months upfront. 


2. The councils advice to those with a summons for non payment of business rates is to not attend court. This is so they can quickly employ bailiffs to recover the money.


3. The councils use their own court in house system to impose the fines and liability orders for business rates meaning they are biased in their judgments. 


4. Business rates puts thousands of businesses into insolvency each year due to excessive valuations made by the government. 


5. Business rates are billed over 10 months instead of 12 making it even harder to budget for many business owners. 


6. Council business rate representatives will often refer you to the bailiff agency employed to collect the business rates owed so that they do not have to deal with it themselves. 


7. Bailiffs often employ cunning tactics to make the maximum amount of money in fees from you if you owe business rates. 


8. Bailiffs often state they cannot give you a payment arrangement on business rates and instead demand the full amount owed or the removal of goods. 


9. Bailiffs can sometimes be very aggressive and disrespectful towards you if you owe business rates which can be very distressing and upsetting. 


10. Most bailiffs are self employed or get paid by commission, so they have an incentive to create more fees charged to your account. 


11. Bailiffs and councils mostly work hand in hand and keep in regular contact with each other, making it very difficult to make complaints should you be treated unfairly.

12. Bailiffs can sometimes exaggerate their powers and pretend they can take things or enter premises when they cannot.


13. Business rates can kill a business within just a few months if you fail to pay on time and bailiffs are employed very quickly.


14. It is almost impossible to get a business rate liability order set aside at court, they are very difficult to dispute. 


15. If you fail to pay your business rates the costs can sometimes add up to thousands of pounds and become the demise of the business. 


16. Business rates should be abolished except for the big corporations, but the government owe so much money its not going away for a long long time.


So there you, 16 depressing things about business rates your probably did not want to know, but now you do. 


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