Local Government Ombudsman admits to us that it has no experience in dealing with business rate liability orders, huh?

July 23, 2019



The local government ombudsman contacted us after we referred a case to them regarding a business rate liability order. Although we rarely ever refer a case to the LGO, on this occasion we did just that, so we could see for ourselves how they handle a basic liability order case.


They admitted to us that they do not have any experience in dealing with business rate liability orders....hang on a minute.....what was that they said! 


Well in truth we already knew the LGO was pretty useless, and that is the reason why some councils try to fob us off with our complaints by referring us to them. Of course we dont buy into that nonsense, on the contrary we know exactly how to deal with business rate liability orders, when the liabilities are placed onto a person or company that is not liable. 

The reality is the LGO likes to look like it is in support of those who have grievances against council authorities, but the truth is they side with the councils and its all just a front, a bit like the FCA (headed by an ex banker need i say more).

So, the moral of this story is simple, dont waste your precious time with the LGO because you are bound to be disappointed, especially after having to wait weeks on end for their response. 


I wonder what they do all day in the LGO offices, play cards, press and a button here and there.


Dont worry though, Business Rate Advisors is the best in the country for resolving business rate complaints with our massive portfolio of successful case resolution.


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