Do you need our help dealing with a council or bailiff?

  • Business Rates Debt - You owe money but need our help negotiating terms with the council

  • Business Rates Dispute - You disagree with the council but you need our help dealing with them

  • Business Rates Bailiffs - Enforcement Agents are contacting you and you want us to stop them

  • Dealing with your council - Difficulty dealing with your council and you want us to take over

Please Contact Expert Steve Adams on 07415048643

Do you need our help with the valuation office agency?

  • Reducing Your Rateable Value - You think that your property is rated (£) too high

  • Split Premises into parts - You need our help splitting your property officially

  • Merge Premises together - You need our help merging your property officially

  • Commercial to Residential - You need our help converting your property over

Please Contact Expert Mark Allen on 07376443943