This is what we can help you with for the valuation office agency 


Property split premises into more than one property which splits the rates bill.

Merging your properties into another property.

Removal of a property from the valuation office commercial list.

Removal of not completed new builds, dilapidated properties, derelict buildings or in disrepair.

Property conversion from domestic to non-domestic and vice versa.

Valuation office disputes and complaints.


Get help by using our business rates service


We can help you resolve any business rate dispute with any council.

We negotiate your business rate repayment plans.

Expertise and assistance with any council tax problems.

Get our help dealing with council employed enforcement bailiffs.



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"Ridiculously good service. I have to be honest, I was not hopeful of the outcome but Steve really came through and delivered. Highly Recommended"

We take over your case with the council and valuation office saving you money and time. 

We handle ANY Council, its Solicitors & Enforcement Agents For You