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Business rate billing issues with councils in England & Wales.

When a council sends you your business rates billing letter, you will want to ensure that you are being billed correctly from the outset. But have you checked to see if you are entitled to any kind of business rates relief, and do you qualify for a discount. Has the commercial property been correctly assessed and calculated according to the facts. By not understanding how business rates are calculated, you could well be missing out on some important savings. If you have a business rate dispute with the billing itself or perhaps a liability order sent to you in error, if in doubt, seek our business rates advice and get our free business rates review to ensure your property is being accurately billed.

Business rate enforcement agent bailiffs.

If a council in England or Wales is owed business rates, you usually only have a small amount of time to bring the account up to date. Should you fail to pay, the council will seek a liability order usually within 2 weeks of issuing you a demand notice. If the account is still not settled, the next stage is business rates bailiffs which will incur extra fees on top of your business rates arrears. Once the case is sent to bailiffs, you need to act fast to stop the situation spiralling out of control. Bailiff agents can often be very difficult to talk with, because a bailiffs agenda is to get as much money out of you as quickly as possible to pay down your debt and their fees. This can put you in a very precarious situation, often leading to shutting your business premises whilst you try to mitigate the bills. If you are experiencing problems  with owed business rates, and you are worried about bailiffs visiting your property, contact our support number and get our help with any bailiff enforcement issue. Business rate repayment plans can easily be arranged using our expert business rates service. 

Helping reduce your business rates liabilities  

In the majority of cases that we take over we can help you reduce your business rate liabilities. One of our most commonly used services is the valuation office check and challenge, which is a process that allows us to challenge your commercial property rateable value (RV). We do this by discussing your case with the valuation office agency, and by providing evidence that supports our opinion on what your rateable value should be. Visit our valuation office advice page for check and challenge information. 

The valuation office agency online portal can be used by anyone with a British Passport and British or Irish Driving Licence. You can use a P60 document to get passed the identity stage. If you are unable to register with the voa portal, we can register for you. We do this by becoming your trusted helper, our company becomes your business rate valuation office agent. A trusted helper account allows you to use the valuation office online service if you do not have the required official documents.

Commercial utility company debts or disputes.

We do offer 100% free commercial gas and electricity advice. We do provide a service whereby we can take over your particular case once we have understood the specific details. Most commercial gas and electric problems originate from the poor management of the utility company. The provider lets you down in so many ways. For example, not allowing you to switch providers by holding you to ransom on monies owed. Or by delaying your transfer applications by months, or keeping you locked into a high tariff. There are obviously many issues with commercial gas and electric companies with their poor track record. Speak with Mark Allen or Steve Adams who will discuss your particular circumstances with you in detail. We have also partnered with a company that provides the cheapest gas and electricity rate for commercial properties. For a free no obligation quote speak with Steve Adams and send your current gas or electricity bill by email or text message or whatsapp to 07415048643. For low cost electricity click here.

We can help you with all matters concerning the valuation office agency.

We do provide a full range of valuation office services, including split property requests, the merging of properties, the removal of properties from the commercial rating list, properties that are empty or unoccupied for a period of time, etc.

Lets look at split properties when using the valuation office online portal. Many questions arise. Can you even split the property in the eyes of the valuation office. Do the occupiers have their own access points. Do the occupiers have exclusivity of their own areas. A floor plan is required showing the dimensions and highlighted where each occupier is located. Photos of the areas are useful as is a description of events using the supporting statement.


Split property requests can take months to be dealt with by the valuation office agency, but we try to make it quicker. Our average split request service takes around 10-12 weeks to complete, which is quicker than the norm. When we take on a split property request, we carry out the process within a few days, ensuring that no time is wasted. It is important to take the correct steps when processing a split property request, as you could waste months if the valuation office reject the application because of mistakes. Contact Steve Adams or Mark Allen for our free business rates advice. 

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