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Business Rates Debt - You owe money but need our help negotiating terms with the council

Business Rates Dispute - You disagree with the council but you need our help dealing with them

Business Rates Bailiffs - Enforcement Agents are contacting you and you want us to stop them

Dealing with your council - Difficulty dealing with your council and you want us to take over

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We can create your commercial lease for only £150 no VAT

We can also help you with ANY council tax billing debts or disputes

We can help you with ANY commercial utility company accounts or disputes

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I provide businesses with commercial properties a five star business rate and valuation office agency service. I expertly handle the council or the valuation office agency for you.


My Valuation Office Service includes


Property split premises into more than one property.

Merging of one property to another property.

Removal of a property from the valuation office commercial list.

Removal of not completed new builds, dilapidated properties, derelict buildings or in disrepair.

Property conversion from domestic to non-domestic and vice versa.

Valuation office disputes and complaints.


Business rates and lockdown grant service


Resolving any business rate dispute with the council.

Arranging business rate payment plans.

Help in applying for business lockdown grants that may have been refused.

Assistance with council tax problems.

Resolving commercial utility disputes and negotiating repayments.

Many hundreds of businesses have already used my expert service.


All my advice is free.


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