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Council Tax Problems

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Do you need our help with your council tax case. We provide our customers with free council tax advice for those either with a council tax dispute or who require affordable repayment terms. Or perhaps you need a council tax property deleted off the council tax band, removing you from further liability. With over 20 years of council tax case experience, we can resolve most problems. 

Disputing who is liable for council tax

Has your council incorrectly made you liable for council tax when you are not actually liable. Proving that you are not liable against what seems like a stone wall of a council placing the entire burden on you to prove otherwise can be frustrating. We can help you prove your case against the council. Our experience allows us to bypass the usual long winded process of dealing with the council tax departments. Business Rate Advisors will gain a hold on your council tax account with your council until the problem has been resolved by our expert case handler. Proving liability can feel like an impossible task on your own. By utilising our expert service, you are one step away from resolving your council tax liability problem quickly. Get the help you really need, speak with Steve Adams or Mark Allen. All of our domestic rates advice is free. 

Paying council tax for a property that you do not use

If you are not using or occupying a domestic property you still have to pay council tax on that property, unless the property is not fit for its intended purposes. However, in many cases you will still be required to pay council tax even if the property requires renovation works. For advice on this situation contact Steve Adams or Mark Allen for clarification by using the contact form below or by calling us on 01225667747.

Paying backdated council tax and contesting liability

When your council backdates your council tax, the amounts can be eyewatering, especially if the council decide to go back 3 or 4 years all at the same time. Often the question of liability enters your mind, are you really responsible for all of the backdated council tax liabilities, or was there an error somewhere down the line in the billing process. Had the council applied summon costs to your account, can you get them removed. Everything needs to be looked at carefully to determine if the billing has been issued correctly and whether there needs to be action on your part to mitigate the domestic rates. 

For HMOs or House Multiple Occupants visit this page.

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