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Business rates are a government set property tax used for commercial business purposes. They are charged on pretty much all commercial properties such as Hotels, offices, shops, pubs, warehouses, and many more. The majority of non-domestic (NNDR) properties will have to pay business rates, unless you are entitled to small business rates relief (SBRR). To find out if you are entitled to SBRR or need some free business rates advice please call Mark Allen or Steve Adams.

The amount of business rates you will pay is based on the (RV) or rateable value of your commercial property, which gets set by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) using in part rental market evidence. The rateable value is then calculated using the multiplier of the pound rate (UBR) to calculate your business rates billing totals. If you require more help in understanding rateable values, simply contact Mark Allen or Steve Adams for some expert business rates advice.

We are experts providing business rates help in the UK.


There are a number of ways to reduce your business rates liability, including:

Challenging your Rateable Value


If you believe that your property rateable value is too high, you can challenge it via the VOA online portal. The portal allows you to perform VOA tasks online. If you are unable to register online because you do not have a British Passport or UK Driving Licence or for some other reason, we can register on your behalf as your Trusted Helper. Contact us for free business rates advice should you need some assistance from us. 


You will need to provide evidence to support your challenge case, such as rental market evidence or comparable properties with lower rateable values that are nearby to your business property. Business Rate Advisors can provide you with a free property review to see if you qualify for our expert business rate service. Contact our business rate advisors Mark Allen or Steve Adams to find out more about challenging your business rates.


Claiming relief or exemption


What business rates will you pay? There are a number of business rate reliefs and business rate exemptions available that can reduce your business rates liability. Some of the most common reliefs include:

​Small business rate relief: This relief is available to businesses with a rateable value of less than £15,000.

Empty property relief: This relief is available to businesses that have an empty property.

Charitable rates relief: Applicants can get 80% business rate relief and sometimes up to 100% relief.

Business rate relief can sometimes be confusing for the property occupier to understand. We provide free business rates advice telephone or email support to all customers. We can also help you claim any business rates relief if you require us to do so. For more information and free business rates advice speak with Mark or Steve. 

Paying in instalments


If you are struggling to pay your business rates bill in full, you may be able to pay it via instalments. You should check with your local council to see if you can pay over a period of time. If you feel that the council have been unreasonable, we can act on your behalf by negotiating your business rate repayment plan. Get in touch with Mark or Steve to find out how easy it is to get professional help.

If you are unsure about your business rates liability or you think you may be eligible for relief or exemption, you should seek our professional advice from one of our expert business rate advisors. We are business rates appeal specialists.

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We provide a quality expert up to date personal business rates advice plus a professional service unlike anyone else. Established since July 2013, we have successfully assisted hundreds of people and businesses with their business rate cases to positive outcomes.

All our business rates advice is free. We only charge a fee if we are instructed to act on your behalf. Quotes are provided to you either over the telephone or by return email. We are business rate consultants in Wiltshire.

We serve customers from around the whole UK including London (Westminster), Wiltshire, Midlands and many other places, including Scotland and Wales.

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