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Property Deletion from the Rating List

We can help you delist your property from the rating list

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Please contact Mark or Steve to discuss your situation in detail 
Mark Allen - 07376443943 
Steve Adams - 07415048643

There are numerous reasons for wanting to delete a commercial property from the rating list. We help you do just that. But not all properties get deleted, it depends on what the situation is with the property. Is the property undergoing major repairs or reconstruction works, or is the property dilapidated and not fit for its intended purpose. Each case is assessed individually by a valuation office agent. Therefore it is important to submit the right information otherwise the case will be rejected. 

We have been assisting and supporting property landlords for years with their property deletion cases. You will save time and money by using our property deletion service, which is why we get referred from other landlords time and time again.

We explain exactly what information is required, and then we take the case forward in a few simple steps. For free advice on property deletions speak with Steve or Mark. If you do wish to use our service your case can be booked in within a few hours. For other valuation office services or valuation office advice visit here.

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