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There are many different kinds of business rate disputes that can arise and you may be wondering how you can fix the problem quickly whilst avoiding the services of expensive solicitors or lawyers. We help you cut the cost and time involved by getting to the heart of the problem, identifying issues and resolving your business rate problems directly with your council. 

Disputing who is liable for business rates

One of the most common calls for help we receive is when a council has incorrectly made you liable for business rates when you are not actually liable. And there is the problem, proving that you are not liable against what seems like a stone wall of a council placing the entire burden on you to prove otherwise. We can help you prove your case against a difficult council. Our experience allows us to bypass the usual long winded process of dealing with the business rates section. Business Rate Advisors will gain a hold on your business rate account with your council until the problem has been resolved by our expert case handler. Proving liability can feel like an impossible task on your own. By utilising our expert service, you are one step away from resolving your business rate liability problem quickly. Get the help you really need, speak with Mark Allen or Steve Adams today. All of our advice is free. To employ our business rates specialist visit this page.

Paying business rates for an area of space that you do not use

A big issue for some people paying business rates is when you have a section of the commercial property not being used by you. Perhaps you are wondering why you are paying business rates when you do not use that part of the property. Questions arise such as why am I being charged for something I do not use. Can the council actually keep on charging you, even though you do not use it. Can you let that part out to someone else who can use it. The reality is that the council will keep on charging you business rates whether you use that space or not, so long as the area not being used is part of your lease agreement with the landlord. If you are the landlord, you could mitigate your business rates. For mitigation of your business rates visit this page. For more precise information about not using a proportion of your commercial space, contact Mark Allen or Steve Adams for clarification by using the contact form below or by calling us on 01225667747.

Paying backdated business rates and contesting liability

When your council backdates your business rates, the amounts can be eyewatering, especially if the council decide to go back 3 or 4 years all at the same time. Often the question of liability enters your mind, are you really responsible for all of the backdated business rate liabilities, or was there an error somewhere down the line in the billing process. Had the council applied all available business rates relief or did they charge you without any discounts. Everything needs to be looked at carefully to determine if the billing has been issued correctly and whether there needs to be action on your part to mitigate the rates and apply the reliefs. 

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