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Birmingham council business rates billing problems

Billing problems.

Are you being billed by Birmingham City Council for business rates, but believe the council have made a billing error? You may have found yourself contacting Birmingham Councils business rates department by telephone to resolve the issue. But did the council resolve your issue or are you still in the same predicament. Many business owners in Birmingham who rent commercial premises experience all sorts of problems with the way Birmingham Council administer its business rates billing accounts. There could be occupancy issues, creating late billing letters to the wrong occupier. Or the landlord could be being billed instead of the tenant. We can help you with your Birmingham business rate account by advising you on what to do to create the best outcome. Or we can take over your handling of the council entirely in order to fix the problems quickly for you. We normally resolve business rate cases within a 7 day period of contacting Birmingham councils business rate department. For a conversation about your particular business rates problem, speak with our business rates experts Mark Allen or Steve Adams who will provide you with free business rates advice.

Late payments.

Have you fallen behind on your business rate payments. Late payments can be costly because of court costs plus a demand for full payment and a cancellation of paying by instalments. Worst of all, your account could be passed to Birmingham council enforcement agents (bailiffs), see the below section on enforcement agents. But late payments does not necessarily mean you cannot get another payment plan with Birmingham council. You first need to ask them. If they refuse and further advise you to contact the bailiffs, you may want to call us instead. We will guide you on how to deal with the bailiff person. If then as a result the bailiff refuses to accept your payment plan, we could organise it for you. Bailiffs will 90% of the time refuse any payment arrangement, which only exasperates the situation. Telephone or email Mark Allen or Steve Adams for instant help. We will discuss everything with you. 

Enforcement agents.

This is when the fees can really add up. For example, you will have to pay £75 if you receive a letter from a Birmingham Council enforcement agent. If you do not pay the full balance, the bailiff will add a further £325 plus 7.5% of anything above £1500 in business rate arrears. It is an insane amount of money and should be illegal, but that is what they charge. The best defence when receiving an enforcement notice is to seek our immediate help if you are unable to pay down the business rate debt. We will advise you on how to go about organising a payment plan. If you dont want to do it yourself, you can appoint us to handle your business rate case. We will stop the bailiff in most cases and organise your repayment terms. 

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