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Business Rate Relief (SBRR)

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Understanding the business rate reliefs available to businesses in the UK can be complicated depending on the situation of course. You maybe entitled to small business rates relief, but you may have more than one commercial property. Or perhaps you have a retail element to your business, but you are not sure if you are entitled to retail relief or extended retail relief. 

The benefits of the business rate reliefs are obviously important, because your business may well go bust without it. But you have to ensure that the council are offering you the correct business rate relief, as there are a number of them you can apply for. Get our business rates advice which is totally free. 

Lets take a look at the different business rate reliefs you could be entitled to.

Extended retail relief - What is it exactly - - do you qualify - How do you apply

Extended retail relief is a discount off your 2022/23 business rates bill. Only qualifying commercial businesses are eligible for extended retail relief. Relief is provided to retail outlets, hospitality businesses, pubs, clubs and premises of this type. The amount of discount is 50% during 2022. The relief goes up to 75% during 2023/24 period. The most you can receive is £110,000 per year. You can apply by contacting your council and requesting extended retail business rates relief. 

Small business rates relief (SBRR)

Our business rate relief service takes the hassle away from the customer. We have successfully gained tens of thousands of pounds in business rates relief for our clients who were either previously rejected by the council or who did not apply. 

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