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Domestic Council Tax Experts

All our council tax advice is completely free 

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There are many different kinds of council tax situations that we can help you with. 

Disputing who is liable for council tax


Has your council incorrectly made you liable for council tax when you are not actually liable. Proving that you are not liable against what seems like a stone wall of a council placing the entire burden on you to prove otherwise can be frustrating. We can help you prove your case against the council. Our experience allows us to bypass the usual long winded process of dealing with the council tax departments. Business Rate Advisors will gain a hold on your council tax account with your council until the problem has been resolved by our expert case handler. Proving liability can feel like an impossible task on your own. By utilising our expert service, you are one step away from resolving your council tax liability problem quickly. Get the help you really need, speak with Steve Adams or Mark Allen. All of our domestic rates advice is free. 

Do you need help with your council tax problem. There are numerous types of council tax problems.

Click on this link to visit our council tax problems page.

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