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Business Rates Consultants


Do you need a business rates consultant to assist you with your council billing account or valuation office case. We have just what you need. Our two business rate consultants have over 20 years of experience between them, delivering on excellence in customer services since July 2013. All of our business rates advice is completely free. 


The leading 5 Star business rates experts in England & Wales


We are the highest rated business rates company in the UK. Why do we rate so high. It is because we provide the very best possible consultancy services for our clients for each and every case we take on. We provide you with our mobile phone numbers for direct access to our business rate experts Mark and Steve, ensuring you can contact them without being passed around from person to person. We ensure that the process is carried out smoothly, mitigating any delays you may have experienced previously with other rating companies or with the valuation office agency. Get our valuation office advice here. 


Why you should think about using our business rate consultants


Most rating companies start off on the wrong footing because they try too hard to sell their services, promising huge savings and hiding their true business fees. We focus entirely on what the customer needs, from initial phone call support, gathering information, and keeping you informed right the way through to conclusion. We never leave you on your own and wondering how your business rates case is doing. With our regular updates, our clients feel positive about using our business rate service from start to finish. This is why we have over 140 five-star reviews across the board, and not 1 negative review. Take a look and see how good our clients feel about Business Rate Advisors Ltd.  


Is it expensive to hire one of our business rate consultants


Not at all. In fact, we provide one of the lowest business rate costings service in England & Wales. How can we be so affordable you may be thinking. It is because we have no overheads to pay on. We do not have offices around the country, we do not have fancy equipment or marketing gimmicks, no company cars with fancy logos. We price our services on what we believe to be fair. In comparison, we are probably one of the most affordable solutions for taking on the valuation office or council business rates section you can get. For a quote contact Mark Allen or Steve Adams.


Why are you so successful in lowering people’s business rates costings


Because we take great care in reviewing the evidence involving your particular case. We look into all the details, take the time to research possibilities. We do not take on cases that have very little chance of success. Instead, we guide the client to other solutions or ways to lower their business rate costs. As a result, we meet our customers expectations, time after time.

As business rate specialists, we welcome your business rate enquiry.

Please contact our business rate specialists Mark Allen or Steve Adams.

Do you provide your specialist business rates consultancy service in London

Yes, but not just London councils, we handle all UK councils. Each council is different, but most councils take the same approach when it comes to business rate cases. Still, we do receive many enquiries from Westminster residents and many of the other London Boroughs. We welcome all enquiries no matter what council you are located within. We are here to help you as best that we can. 

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We provide a quality expert up to date personal business rates advice plus a professional service unlike anyone else. Established since July 2013, we have successfully assisted hundreds of people and commercial businesses with their business rate cases to positive outcomes.

All our business rates advice is totally free. We only charge a fee if we are instructed to act on your behalf. Quotes are provided to you either over the telephone or by return email very quickly. If your case is urgent then we shall prioritise your case and address the problems immediately. 

We serve customers from around the whole UK including London (Westminster), Wiltshire, Midlands and many other places, including Scotland and Wales. Please note that Scotland and Wales use different rating legislation and regulations. 

Excellence in providing free business rates advice since 2013

Best Rates Service in UK
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