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The valuation office is refusing to split many commercial properties by referring the client to the term paramount control. This term is used when the valuation office believe that the landlord or property owner has overriding control of the property, but there are other variants.

To find out if we can help you with your council or valuation office requirements speak with Mark Allen or Steve Adams. All our advice is free.

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Bailiffs are being used more frequently in the collection of business rates especially now with councils declaring bankruptcy. Around half of our enquiries are regarding court summons or an enforcement agent visit. Most business owners who owe business rates are looking for an affordable payment arrangement but are unable to get one when speaking with council instructed bailiffs. The bailiffs usually want the full amount so its almost a pointless exercise trying to speak with them. This is what those bailiffs are taught to do. Yet if you pressure the council, often you can get them to instruct the bailiff company to accept the arrangement.

If you need help with a council business rate debt and need us to resolve the problem for you, get in touch with Mark or Steve who will give you initial advice on what you need to do.

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Understanding houses in multiple occupation or HMOs can be a challenge, in part because of the changes to the rules that have occurred recently. Due to the amount of HMO enquiries we receive, we decided to offer a HMO service, set up to save you money and time when handling the council or the valuation office agency.

For advice speak with Mark Allen available on 07376443943 or by email to

For business rates advice and voa services visit our website for more information.

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