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NNDR Final Demand Notice

Recovery of Business Rates

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Receiving a National Non-domestic final demand notice (NNDR) often means losing your ability to pay by instalments. But what if you need to reinstate the instalments because you cannot afford to pay down the entire amount. You need to act quickly and contact the council that issued the demand notice. Email the council straight away requesting repayment terms. If you can afford to do so, make a down payment on the business rates bill. Follow up your email with a telephone call to the business rates department. If the council refuse to give you a payment plan, call us on 01225667747 for immediate guidance on how to handle the situation. By contacting the council you have made a positive step towards trying to resolve your business rate problem. 

What happens after a NNDR demand notice is missed

The downside of missing an NNDR notice is that the case is brought before the courts. You will be issued with a business rates summons. A liability order is gained which means the council can pass the business rate debt to its appointed enforcement agents. It normally takes 2 to 3 weeks from after the liability order is issued to when you can expect a visit from an enforcement agent. See the page on business rate bailiffs for more information. 

What happens if I wish to attend court for a business rate overdue amount

The council will try to discourage you from attending court. This is because the process of liability orders are mostly rubber stamped. This means by attending a court summons, you are effectively interrupting the councils rubber stamp process. One way to deal with the court issue is to email the court directly and inform the court that you are contesting the amounts owed or you need time to pay. If you do attend court, let the court know beforehand and explain the reasons why you are attending. Chances are the court will adjourn the case and give you more time to resolve the problem with the council. If you prefer that Business Rate Advisors handle your court case, speak with Mark Allen or Steve Adams for our expert free business rates advice

What is the best way to handle recovery of business rates

The best way to handle late payments is to contact the council and request new repayment terms. If the council refuse we highly recommend contacting Business Rate Advisors on 01225667747 for immediate help and business rates advice

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