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Business rate blogging

I am finally back to do a bit of business rate blogging after an extended period of time not doing it, well pretty much since the Covid days.


The majority of enquiries we have received in the past 18 months are to do with business rates relief and using the check and challenge service. Around half of our rate relief cases are because the council refused to grant the relief (SBRR or Extended Retail Relief), until we stepped in and got them it. The other half are from claims that the client preferred we took as an administrational task.


Enquiries related to the check and challenge service have proved interesting. Obviously many people are trying to reduce their business rates liability, especially since the new revaluations on April 1st 2023, when many had risen by massive percentages. We have found savings for our customers, which is great news.


Each week I will be updated this blog with new posts and information on how we can help you and how we can guide you through the business rates web.

In the meantime, check out BA Partnership in London, professional property services.

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