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Business rate enforcement agents, is a rates bailiff pestering you ?

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Nobody wants to see a business rate bailiff visiting your business premises. And lets face it, many business properties are open to the public, and thus the bailiff can normally just walk in. A terrifying experience for most people, unless you understand their tactics, like we do.

There are loads of websites providing advice on how to deal with bailiffs, but many people want someone or a company to handle the bailiffs for them. This is exactly what we do. We take over your case and manage the bailiff.

Most cases we take on involves a business rates debt rather than a business rate dispute, but can situations can apply at the same time. We know how to sort out the business rates dispute, and we know how to get the business rate account on hold. This gives us time to resolve the dispute, and organise a way forward that is suitable for both parties (client and council).

For more information on how to get our help dealing with enforcement agents, visit our bailiff page and get the real help you deserve.

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