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Councils and the small business rate relief scam

Small business rates relief is a critical life saver to many small businesses who own or rent small commercial properties which is why the latest trend some councils are employing is shocking.

In this scenario the council will claim that your property is empty even though you occupy it. The council will charge you full business rates and you will not be entitled to any lockdown grant money that the government set aside for you. Instead, you will receive nasty demand notices and summons to court, shortly followed on by enforcement bailiffs unless you pay the bill.

So how on earth do you stop this horrible situation from happening to you.

The best way to counter this situation is to send the council evidence of trading along with some photos of the inside of your commercial property. It would also be beneficial to ask that the council sends someone out to visit your property to confirm occupancy.

If this fails, you could then contact your MP and ask that they confirm to the council that your commercial property is occupied. Provide the evidence you sent to the council to your MP.

With a large uplift in empty property cases that we have been receiving, Business Rate Advisors has challenged the council’s stance and forced them to apply the small business rates relief on the majority of cases, saving the business owner thousands of pounds.

Do not let the council bully you into accepting you have to pay business rates on a commercial property by claiming that it is empty when you occupy it. You are entitled to the business rates relief, and we can help you get it.

I provide free business rates and council dispute advice, so if you need some help, let me know.

Steve Adams – 07415048642 / 01225667747 or email

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