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26 councils soon be bankrupt will we see a grab for business rates. What about business rate reliefs

At least 26 councils are at risk of effective bankruptcy within the next two years, according to a leading local government group, which says many authorities simply have “nothing left”.

Business rates relief

What will this lead to from a business rate perspective. We have already noticed an uplift on some councils not providing small business rates relief for example, when the occupier is entitled to the claim. It seems that councils see an opportunity to make money where none was due, all because they have seriously mismanaged their own financial affairs.

Let me remind us all that you do not have to be trading from a commercial property in order to claim small business rates relief, you only have to be occupying the property. Most councils wont tell you this, but they should.

If you need help with your business rates, give us a call for free business rates advice.

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