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Received a business rates notice from an Equita bailiff for business rates. What can you do?

Equita bailiff visit for business rates arrears
Equita bailiff visit at your door

Equita bailiff enforcement notice.

If you have received a demand notice from Equita bailiffs for arrears on your business rates account, you need to act quickly to mitigate the enforcement fees. Enforcement fees are costly, especially if you owe over £1500, because Equita bailiffs charge you 7.5% above anything over £1500 in business rate arrears.

First, contact Equita Bailiffs.

The first thing you do is contact Equita bailiffs directly and request an affordable payment arrangement. If Equita refuse to oblige the payment plan, and this is all you can afford, ask for the reason why the plan has been denied. Keep a note of what Equita told you.

Contact your council.

Telephone or email your council and demand an affordable payment plan. Explain to your council why you are unable to afford to pay the balance in full. Inform the council about what Equita told you when you ask to spread the payments. If the council inform you that you must deal directly with Equita bailiffs, inform the council that because they refused, the council must accept the arrangement. If the council refuse, tell them that you wish to submit a formal complaint, and request that the account be placed on hold until the complaint is dealt with. If the council refuse, you should contact Steve Adams on 07415048643 to get immediate business rates advice on how to stop the bailiffs.

The business rate debt is in dispute.

If you dispute the billing amounts Equita claim that you owe, then you need to deal directly with the council and not the bailiffs. The council can instruct the bailiff firm to accept an arrangement. But you need to make your complaint clear to mitigate any confusion.

The council won’t listen.

If the council fail to respond to you, or refuse your request, then you need to seek expert advice as soon as possible. Do not delay, seek assistance immediately by getting in touch with Business Rate Advisors who will provide you with free business rates advice on how to deal with the bailiff.

The main number is 01225667747 or visit the website to find out more

Get the help you need and visit us today for Equita bailiff enforcement notices advice.

Steve @ Business Rate Advisors Ltd

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