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Business Rates Appeals. Is it worth it?

Do I need to appeal my business rates, or shall I leave it as it is. This is an important factor in deciding whether to challenge your business rates property value. Why is this important. Because the valuation could go up and not just remain the same. It could also go down, and that is what requires investigation.

And thus, it depends on whether you believe your current or past business rates are incorrectly listed on the valuation office agencies property website.

The link just below takes you to the online portal where you can type in your commercial property post code and look up your commercial property’s valuation. This valuation is what the valuation office agency believes it should be.

Here is the link to the valuation office property website

Type in your post code and then find your property in the list. If you do not see your property listed, look at your business rates billing letter and find the property reference number, not the business rate account number. Then when you search on the link you click “advanced”. Then choose “local council reference”. Put the reference number in that search box and press the green button. Only your property will show up on the list.

The valuation tab at the bottom of the page is the one you want to be looking at. This breaks down what the different areas values are set at. However, there is a few exceptions to this if your property is based on turnover. If based on turnover, you will not see a detailed description of the different areas. This mainly applies to Hotels, Pubs, Bars.

Does your property description look accurate. Are the dimensions of the same proportion or do they differ. Is the property description different from the current use. Have you made changes to the property which effects the business rating values.

If you believe you may be entitled to reduce your current or past business rates property value, we provide a free business rates review service to assist you in your challenge case.

To get a free review of your commercial property pop on over to our website and speak with either of our two experts, Mark Allen, or Steve Adams. All our business rates advice is free.

Hear from you soon

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