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Deleting a property from the valuation office list. Advice for landlords.

Getting a property deleted off the rating list should be an easy process, but this is definitely not always the case. The valuation office will look closely at the submission details to determine if the property can be deleted, often the case gets rejected.

It is vitally important to ensure that the details you submit to the valuation office online portal are correct. It is easy to miss out details or not provide all of the facts. Our free business rates advice service can help you understand the process better, gearing you up with the knowledge you need to handle the process.

Should you prefer for us to delete the property for you, we can do that too. All our services are cost effective and affordable, and we provide ongoing support to anyone that gets on board. We provide regular updates so you are not left wondering what is going on.

Need your property deleted to stop the business rates?

Speak with Mark Allen or Steve Adams who will discuss your situation at a time that suits you.

Visit the website and get the help you really need.

For help with business rates relief or stopping enforcement agents visit our specific pages.

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